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HBO Max is an American OTT platform that streams content online, combining all of HBO with the best TV series that is very engaging and full of drama, followed by blockbuster movies that will make you stick to your seat. It is owned by AT&T’s Warner Media & you can stream it on your devices using the It has been launched in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and parts of Europe and is available in the languages like English, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, and many others.


HBOMax has a library of content from Warner Brother’s, comprising its movies and TV shows. It includes franchises from DC Comics, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and more. You also get to stream content from HBO movies and exclusive TV shows, along with anime from Crunchyroll and Studio Ghibli. So, if you are looking for shows to binge on, Originals offers you a list of TV series that will make you hook to your seat. You get to choose curated content from all the genres like drama, romance, comedy, thriller, animation, sci-fi, and many more. It also has a collection of international movies so that you can experience different cultures and feel different emotions through these movies.


From kids to adults, HBO Max has something for everyone. Be it educational, animated or anything in between, HBO Max has TV shows for all ages. You can activate them using o your pc, tv, and smartphones. From classic kids’ cartoons to iconic teen dramas, get access to all these shows on HBO Max and let your kids enjoy and have a great time. You can even control what your child sees on the screen with parental control, a feature that lets you create a kid profile for your child through which you can control what shows on the screen. code


Having over 67 million global subscribers, HBO Max not only brings forth content that is engaging but also entertaining. It has a bunch of critically acclaimed movies that will take your blues away. The content is hand-picked and curated with love by our editorial experts. You can download movies and your favorite TV shows to your phone or tablet to watch them offline anytime. With the flexible parental watch, you can always control what your children watch and when they watch it. It offers you five viewer profile, a feature that lets you add, manage and switch profiles.

The ongoing work on expanding the list of originals and exclusive content for its streaming service, HBO Max, is all set to go across the board for its audience.


HBO Max has the best subscription plans under which you get access to quality entertainment and a lot of fun. Understanding that audiences come with a distinct taste, the subscription plan of HBO Max comes as monthly plans and annual plans. Each of the plans has two variants.

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  • $9.99/month with ads plan gives you access to binge-worthy shows and blockbuster movies with minor interruptions.
  • $14.99/month without ads plan gives you access to uninterrupted entertainment, including Warner Brother’s same-day premiers, downloads up to 4K and HDR Playback.


  • $100/year with ads plan gives you access with brief interruptions.
  • $150/year without ads gives you access with no interruptions besides the add-on features.

Whichever plan you choose, it guarantees you non-stop entertainment and an over-the-top experience. You can always upgrade your plans by either changing the subscription plan or the billing period. All you need to do is click on the settings and make the changes.


For unlimited fun and a regular dose of entertainment, all you need to do is follow these steps:-

  • Log on to on your phone or computer
  • Sign in and create your account.
  • Choose from the plans- monthly or yearly, With Ads or Ads free.
  • Click on the subscriber button and make a payment.

Voila! Now all you need is some popcorns and a list of series to binge-watch.


Everyone likes to have the best of the deals and some decent discounts. You can avail a discount of $25 on an annual HBO Max subscription by making a payment through your American Express card. By switching to the yearly subscription you can end up saving 40% of the money. All you need to do is check your eligibility from your account settings on HBO Max.